Ministry of Freedom 2.0 Review

My Rating:  4.9 out of 5

Ministry Of Freedom 2.0

From scratch to $10,000+ per month in 60 days or less

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So What Is Ministry Of Freedom All About ?

Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 is an 9-week, Online Marketing course by the Ace, 7-Figure Online marketer, Jono Armstrong. In his All-In-One digital marketing course Jono will teach you how to earn $5,000 in 22 days and then scale it to $10,000 in less than 60 Days!

It is complete newbie friendly DOES NOT need...

❌ No Experience required
❌ No Tech skills
❌ No Website

The course can be broadly categorised into 2 parts:

  • The Organic Module [Wk 2-8] i.e. Free but time consuming
  • Paid Traffic [Wk 9] i.e. Faster but has a Cost

You are required to make this big choice in the beginning while starting off.  However in any case both the paths will be accessible to you at any point of time.

Features of Ministry Of Freedom 2.0

In this course Jono will teach you everything under the sun that is needed for digital marketing.
The Program is divided into 9 modules roughly one module per week, making it a 9-week course. Each module is then further divided into several short video lessons ranging from 2 min - 40 min depending on the module. In fact, Jono gives you all his tricks and hacks and will handhold you to success.

Some of the prominent features of the course are:

✓ Launch Jacking (Jono's speciality, what made him a 7-figure marketer)
✓ Email Marketing/ List Building
✓ Affiliate Marketing
✓ Product/Software Launching
✓ Paid Advertisements (Google Ads/Bing Ads/Facebook Ads)
✓ Work ethics (yes you heard it right even the work ethics)
✓ Website building
✓ Google and YouTube ranking strategies/hacks (SEO)

Apart from this you will also get...

[+] Plus you get the help of 1500+ active FB members ready to help you whenever you get stuck.
[+] Weekly four expert sessions (including Jono's session and other experts)
[+] Access to Jono's Digital Assets and Tips and Tricks for free
[+] Bonuses worth $40k+
[+] And much much more...

Who is it for?

As said this is an All-in-1 course and it works best for:

  1.  Newbies wanting to make money online
  2.  Online Marketers, Affiliate marketers, Email Marketers
  3.  Any one wanting to build their own Online Business

  4.  Those who are yet to succeed in Online Marketing... 

Pricing Plan 

There are only two pricing plans available.

  • One Time payment of $1497
  • Three Instalments of $797 (i.e. $797x3)

    Both the plans will have FULL access to product. However with the 3 Instalments Pricing Plan you will get access to Jono's Sales Rotator (where Jono will share his email list with you and the chances of your Sales increases 50%) only after full payment of 3 instalments.

According to me, it's simple maths. If it's possible then go for the One-time payment of $1497, it is always better. And with the 60-Day Money-back guarantee it becomes a totally risk-free.


☑️ All-in-One course. everything about Online digital marketing under one roof.

☑️ Web-based. Work from anywhere (with Internet). Totally NEWBIE friendly. No tech knowledge require. No Website required.
☑️ Jono gives it all.
MOF Blueprint [+] Plus All his digital assets, hacks, tips and tricks that has made him succeed and become a 7-figure marketer.
☑️ Sales Rotator Access - where Jono will send YOU Sales from his email list (first 3 months)
☑️ Weekly four (4) LIVE Q&A sessions (including Jono's session and other 3 experts of his team) to guide you at every step whenever you get stuck 

☑️ 24/7 Support And Networking / VIP Community Access [+] Plus You get help of 1500+ active FB members ready to help each other whenever one get stuck.

☑️ 1 FULL YEAR Of Mentor-ship And Coaching
☑️ The skills that you are learning are priceless and you can utilise it anywhere

☑️ Best Bonuses [Total Value: ~$46,000]

Here's Everything you get Today 

Income Proof


❎ Though the course contents are really great (I can say as I'm an active member of MOF) but still I think that the claim "$5k in 22 days" is a bit over-hyped. With this course success is inevitable (refer my income screenshot above) for those who are determined by may not be that fast (in general).
❎ This course does require the bare-minimum basic knowledge in order to succeed fast. Without basic knowledge you might find it uneasy. 

❎ Every business had expenses and nothing comes for free. So there are some implicit recurring costs/expenses (monthly or yearly) which you need to be aware of in order to keep your business running like subscription charges of Autoresponder, auto webinar, WordPress/plugins, domain & hosting charges, advance tool charges etc.



I'm an active member of MOF 2.0 (refer my review video and income screenshot above), and according to me, the way the course has been designed and with so much of support and bonuses, you are bound to succeed. It's the "MOST COMPLETE" course out there. At-least you are sure that your initial investment cost will surely be recovered. I have shared my success in the Review and Demo video above you can check that as a proof. 

Also there are hundreds of students who are gaining success everyday. Check out the testimonials in the Sales Page >> Scroll down to the Video testimonials section. And they are all fabulous marketers. You can talk to them everyday in the FB group and take advice.

It's a "must-have" for all those marketers who are dedicated (Ready-to-Slog-it-out) and are with little or no success. 
For senior marketers/entrepreneurs it gives you a platform to go to the next level and create 'YOUR OWN' products and brand yourself. This gives the next level of success you are looking for. 

And with the 60-Day Money back guarantee [+] Extra $5000 (read below) it becomes a totally RISK-FREE. GOOD LUCK!

Get Ministry Of Freedom Today And Get All My Bonuses Below

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Note: YOU must fulfil ALL the following Terms & Conditions in order to claim the above Fast Action Bonus 'Cash Back'

1.  You must have completed 75 days in the program
2.  You have implemented all the steps & conditions put forward by Jono while starting the course
3.  You have not applied for any refund
4.  You must have bought with my link (i.e. by clicking one of the RED buttons on this page) and registered to My Review site & YouTube Channel

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 Bonus Delivery 
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Thanks for taking the time to check out my review & bonuses.

To Your Success!


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