ConnectVideo Review

My Rating:  4.6 out of 5

So What Is ContentVideo All About ?

Using ConnectVideo, advertisers can get retargeting to work on iOS14!
As soon as the iOS14 update was announced, we started working on breakthrough technology to easily target your past, present, and future clients with new and profitable audiences.

With ConnectVideo you can now:

πŸ”Έ ConnectVideo is 100% ready for iOS 14.5 and all future updates.
πŸ”Έ It allows you to retarget your prospects for a period of up to 365 days.
πŸ”Έ This unmatched segmentation feature allows you to show your ads to the most relevant audiences.. 

Features of ContentVideo

In the marketing world, ConnectVideo introduces "Super Video Audiences"...
In addition to pixel-based retargeting audiences and video engagement explains, this *new* audience type is superior to both.

Here are some reasons:
πŸ‘ It's quick and easy: Creating a strong and versatile Super Video Audience takes only 2 steps.
πŸ‘ Super Video Audiences are dynamic: their membership can be added and updated automatically whenever you publish a new video to your Facebook and Instagram business pages (and whenever you run a new video ad).
πŸ‘ Create bigger audiences: You can choose up to 500 videos from an existing library automatically so that your audience is more targeted and larger as a result.

On average, it gets him 12.42x ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)...

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Who is it for?

πŸ‘  Anyone who uses or wants to use FB Ads and targeting
πŸ‘  It works for any type of business in any niche.

 Price Plan & Upgrade Details 

Total Recap of ALL what you will be getting:

β—‰ Front End: @ $197 one-time cost


   πŸ’₯  Lifetime Access to ConnectVideo
                      βœ“ Cloud-based software (no setup needed)
                      βœ“ Unlimited lifetime access (no hidden fees)
                      βœ“ Tutorials & best practices

   πŸ’₯  Bonus 1: Videos That Grow Your Business” Crash Course
   πŸ’₯  Bonus 2: β€œ(Re)targeting In a Post-iOS 14 World” LIVE Webinar
   πŸ’₯  Bonus 3: 30-Day Free Trial to ConnectSuite & InnerCircle Workshops

β—‰ Upsell #1: @ $147 one-time cost --> Top 8 Proven Video Formula

           βœ“ Downsell #1: Split payment @ $79 x 2

β—‰ Upsell #2: @ $497 one-time cost --> Protect your Ad Account

           βœ“ Downsell #2: Split payment @ $249 x 2

Note: All the above prices are limited promotional offers and once this promotion ends. So Hurry Up!

My Recommendation: According to me, the Front-End along with Wilco's Bonuses & My Custom Bonuses would be a good option to start with, it simply just gives you the freedom to test the software to the optimum. If things work for you then you would surely like to go for the kill and get the other 2 upsells. And with the 30-Day Money-back guarantee, it becomes a totally risk-free.

 Benefits of ConnectVideo 


There are obviously many advantages, but I will mention only a few;

βœ… Simple, easy-to-use, no tech skills needed.
βœ… It works for any type of business in any niche.
βœ… It’s proven to work despite all the limitations of the iOS 14.5 update.
βœ… It’s future-proof -- so, you can safely use this strategy in 2021 and beyond (even if Apple and Google enforce new limitations to their browsers and services!)


❌ No cons



With the launch of the Apple's iOS 14.5 update, the rules of online advertising change forever. Facebook Ads and its retargeting capabilities seem to be getting the biggest hit. ConnectVideo is a breakthrough technology that makes retargeting ads profitable again β€” even after the iOS 14.5 update and all the future tracking limitations by Apple or Google and helps you get up to 12x ROAS with Facebook Ads even after the iOS 14.5 update.
No need to overthink this, it’s an easy decision for anyone running Facebook Ads. That’s because ConnectVideo comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. You are investing wisely & safely! GOOD LUCK!

Get ConnectVideo Now And Get All The Bonuses Below

       (Value $337)

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        (Value $500+)

 Bonus Delivery 
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